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Carstensz Pyramid is the highest peak in Oceania – Australasia continent, making it part of the Seven Summits challenge. It is an imposing and elusive limestone monument, rising out of the dense jungle of Western Papua (formerly Iria Jaya), Indonesia. An expedition to this remote area is not only a challenging climbing venture, but a journey into a remarkable and rewarding corner of the world. Western Papua lies in Far East Indonesia, bordering Papua New Guinea and Carstensz is just one of the ethereal peaks that reach forever skyward from the Maoke Mountain range. The surrounding landscape boasts a long ridge of snow- capped mountains, dense jungle, sweeping rivers and humble stone-age settlements. The tribes people of this area, the primitive Dani, are related to Australian Aborigines, the Papuans and the Polynesians and inhabit this most beguiling country.

A Carstensz Pyramid Expedition is a wild and remote adventure to the true summit of Australasia. The price difference offered refers to two different approaches into Base Camp :

We offer two approaches into Base Camp: a magnificent trek supported by the mysterious Dani Tribe or by helicopter for a fast simple approach and exit.

Jungle Trekking
Summit Carstensz can bring together a magnificent trek into Base Camp, supported by the mysterious Dani Tribe. You must however leave behind any western standards of time and service, Papua is what makes it special; ‘time has no meaning’, food will be basic, the tribes people walk with machetes and you stop when it rains! It is an experience not to be forgotten.

This Expedition will be Using Classical Route Via Sugapa District or Illaga District and this is will be Unforgettable expedition crossing Tropical Rain forest and Jungle Trekking then Montana Mountain with Panorama of Sudirman Mountain. This expeditions will takes about 5 days treks to reach the base camp, 1 days summit attempt, 4 days back using the same route, 1 days rest and extra days in case of bad wheater. Totally we will have around 11 – 13 days (depend on the real situation).

Very Challenging / Demanding
Physically very challenging but suitable for regular mountain trekkers who experience in Jungle Trekking are use to extended days of 7 to 9 hours. But average 5-6 hours crossing Tropical Jungle – Muddy – River, Highland with nature Trekking Route. These treks can involve difficult and sometimes crossing high passes (14,000 ft /4,172 m), as well as lengthy periods at high altitude of 2200 To 4300 m

NOTE: Depending the Local Politic Situation and Security, This Expedition is Possible change by Helicopter with following itinerary by Helicopterexpedition.

Helicopter Approcah into base camp
We’ve designed this expedition for you, particularly if you have a very limited time to climb the Carstensz Pyramid – Puncak Jaya 4884m. We can arrange helicopter transfer from Timika to the base camp of Yellow Valley, under the Carstensz wall.
You can acclimatise yourself in the basecamp before ascending the Carstensz Pyramid. It takes around 10-12 hours to have a round trip from the basecamp to the summit and totally 4 days (depend on the real situation or wheaters reason).

The expeditions programmed supported by expert mountain guide climbers to lead you to Carstensz Pyramid. As our climbers guide have many years good track record to handle the climber to Carstensz Pyramid. We have qualified of mountaineering and climbing escorted experiences.

Flying is the most recommended way to get here. The nearest airport town to Carstensz is Timika (TIM) in Papua
– Indonesia. Garuda Indonesia and Batik Air operates only one direct flight to Timika on daily basis from Bali (DPS) and Jakarta (CGK), so you can book your international flight to Jakarta/Bali (DPS).

This expedition is exclude any insurance, we strongly recommend you to have insurance. Carstensz Pyramid Expedition always consider has very high risk expedition with high changing possibilities. There is no insurance in Indonesia that covering this activity. Take the best in your country & good one for Mountain Expedition with protection benefit, it is expensive but very helpful if somehow needed. Insurance should full covering of Trip Cancelation, Medical, Evacuation from Very Remote Area (up to Helicopter pickup), Repatriation, Flight Delay, Luggage Missing, etc. Insurance will recovered most of your cost.

The group will possibly spend two (02) nights in Timika at Grand Mozza Hotel before trip, basic but are still very comfortable. Please not that we provide 1 room for 1 client. Personal sleeping tents are provided at base camp along with a communal mess tent for dining.

A 25-30L rucksack for summit day will be required. Please note you will be limited to 15kg luggage allowance for the helicopter, so you need to keep your equipment to an absolute minimum.

For your own comfort, travel light. Normally airlines restrict baggage to 20kg (on the helicopter you will be restricted to 15kg) but you will be wearing boots and you could wear one set of trekking clothes. Some items can be left at the hotel for your return. All items should be packed in plastic bags.

All participants should be fit and healthy!
It is recommended that all people with medical problems or diet restrictions please let us know as well, before departure, so they might be met. It is recommended to bring with you any medications, too, some Malaria medicion, antibiotics, Asetazolamide for headaches, etc.

We only act in the capacity of transportation companies, hotels, operators, and other, related to his schedule. Will not be responsible for loss, damage, harm, including death, change of schedule, distortions, etc that are beyond our control.

Everyone should be responsible to obtain the appropriate visa (s) and bring a valid passport at all times. All climber to Indonesia must be in possession of a passport valid for at least six months after the date of arrival. Please note that passport and visa requirements are not the responsibility of us or your agent.

With the helicopter approach to base camp you do jump altitude very quickly. Basecamp resides at 4250m. You must be careful to ensure you drink plenty of liquid to stay hydrated. It is important in the first two days of your arrival at base camp to take things easy and to not over exertyourself while your body is adapting to the change in altitude.

Meals are included whilst on the mountain. Individuals are responsible for drinks throughout as well as lunches and evening meals while in the towns. You will need to obtain local currency on arrival allowing around $150-
$200 maximum.

The local currency is the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). You can take British Pounds, EURO or US Dollars. (Make sure dollars are in perfect condition, printed after 2007 with no creases or tears.)

Tipping is generally expected and part of everyday life. Please allow $100 USD for tipping climbing guide and
$30 per clients for our city staff/driver.

1 Guide : 2 Clients

We make maximum 6 person every group

Please note that our team are fully vaccinated

Please note this is an outline itinerary which may be subject to change. We have had 100% summit success (everyone to the summit) on all previous expeditions since 2005.

The traditional approach through the jungle from Sugapa provides a rewarding and enjoyable experience getting you much closer to the native folk of Papua. However in recent years political instability and excessive financial demands by the local tribes have made the trekking approach problematic and unreliable. Although shorter the helicopter approach is a much more reliable means of accessing the mountain.

We always do our best to ensure your expedition arrangements are satisfactory and we are responsible for, but only to the extent of, any loss or damage suffered by you as a result of our negligence or our employees or agents. However, we cannot accept any liability whatsoever for actions, omissions or default, whether negligent or otherwise, of their flight, coach operators, hoteliers, or others who provide services in connection with your holiday in accordance with the contract between them and yourself (which can be evidenced in writing by the issue of a ticket, voucher, coupon or the like) and over whom we have no direct control and exclusive. We do not accept liability in contract or tort (actionable wrong) for any injury, damage, loss, delay, additional expenses or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by force majored or other events that are beyond our control or which are not preventable by reasonable diligence on our part, including but not limited to war, riot, fire, flood a superb weather, severe, natural disasters, acts of Government or of any authority, accident or failure of machinery or equipment of industrial action (whether or not involving our employees, and although such action may be settled by agreeing to the demands of workers ‘ groups).

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