Meet Our Team

Summit Carstensz is founded and run by a team of dedicated and experienced members with sound academic background. We have been successfully organising trekking and expeditions for individuals, small groups as well as larger parties of business incentive in Indonesia.

Reagen Sumampow
Expedition Leader
Stella Marius
Operation Manager

Stella been working as a tourism guide and certified as a ecotourism guide since she was in college. After graduating with a bachelor of french education she tried to arranged some trip especially for conservation project from national park to national park throughout Indonesia. Joining the Summit Carstensz as a operation manager give her another challenge to applying her experiences and competencies to managing the trip. She is a former of national rafting women athlete too. Her passionate for helping others made her join the global rescue network as a rescue team. she is a bubbly person and will give you her best smile everyday.

Bang Te
Logistic Manager

He is a friendly person and has a good sense of humour too. Mr.T spent more than 25 years working as a guide and qualified for a tourism and ecotourism guide as well. Usually work as a trip leader on a small and big group made him expert in organizing trips. Based on his great experiences on manage some trip as a senior guide in Indonesia then he decided to join with summit carstensz as a logistic manager. He is also active as a organization Committee of national rafting federation in East Java provence. If you meet him you will always remember how he makes you laugh with his joke.

Sherif Palit
Climbing Guide

Sherpa is the name commonly he called taken from an abbreviation of his name. He is passionate about facilitating great experiences  in the outdoors, whether that is helping a client reach a summit or facilitating  reflective wilderness experiences on jungle trekking expeditions. He lives in Sugapa and has a good relationship with the local tribe. Sherif will serve you with varian Indonesian traditional food at the basecamp, many clients love his food.

26 Expeditions, 22 Summited, 4 Staff Basecamp

Yacsen Roboth
Climbing Guide

Yacsen began guiding on Mount Carstensz Pyramid since 2012. As a former climbing athlete finally he decided to being a mountain guide. After graduating with a Bachelor of English Education from Manado State University brought him to being a full time guide as a certified mountain guide also an ecotourism guide. Beside, parkour is his another hobby. He has a  good sense of humour and snake is his favorite animal.

15 Expeditions, 12 Summited, 3 Staff basecamp

Marcelino Sumolang
Climbing Guide

Marcel (Acel) grew up in North Sulawesi,  where he found his passion for climbing and the outdoors early in life. After graduating with a Bachelor of Communication Education from Sam Ratulangi University he moved to Sugapa as a starting point for jungle trekking route to the mountain. Based on his experiences whilst he lives in Sugapa, he learned many things about Papua tribe culture and how to make a good interaction with the local. Now he currently lives in Timika – Papua. His cheerful attitude, skillful, responsive and responsible manner would guarantee a productive results in every occasion he held. 

33 Expeditions, 30 Summited, 3 Staff basecamp

Alfindo Memah
Climbing Guide / Trainee
Alfa Pangalila
Climbing Guide / Trainee

Started climbing a mountain near from his hometown when he was 10 years old make him more motivated to enter the Mountaineering Organization when in University. After following the basic education of Rock Climbing and English course he decided to being a mountain guide. You will have a lot of fun on your climbing trip with Alfa because he is a bubbly person and has a good sense of humour.

Jusuf Mandalika
Climbing Guide

Since in 1995 at the university he joined the same organization of nature conservatory like the other guide in Summit Carstensz. Then he found his soul on climbing and became an athelete. He was a former manager one of the 5 star hotel in Manado - North Sulawesi that made English is his second languange. Nowadays, he is our senior guide in Summit Carstensz.

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